Tombstone Tuesday ~ Asphyxiation by Gas

Mary Louise Hiscott (St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)
From the Hamilton Spectator
HISCOTT (Toronto, Ont.) Feb. 19, 1897 - Miss Mary Hiscott, who with her younger sister, Miss Harriett Hiscott, daughters of Major Hiscott, M.L.A. were found on Wednesday morning in their room at the Grosvener house in an apparently lifeless condition from asphyxiation by gas, died this morning about 3:30 o'clock. There is no improvement in the condition of the other Miss Hiscott.

Note: Thankfully the other Miss Hiscott DID recover from this tragedy...
The Misses Hiscott are my 1st cousins 4x removed

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  1. A beautiful stone, but such a sad story.

  2. How terribly sad. I just discovered an Arnold relative buried at St. Mark's and I suspect there are more. Do you know where there is a list of burials and if it happens to be online? It looks like a lovely cemetery.